Thursday, February 5, 2009

Stimulus Package

President Obama is trying to do it for the nation; I say its time to stimulate ourselves! Let's increase the profits of our service and parts departments. The goals are real simple, get our effective labor rate UP, increase gross profit and straighten out the expenses. Raise the gross on parts while you are at it!

Spread out your appointments. Customers need time to spend with your service advisors. It is my suggestion that we make sure our processes measure up to the challenge this year. Our customers want satisfaction! And we service managers will give it to them.

Go down on expenses. And lick up the profits this year. Your dealer and I will be watching and cheering you all the way and every way you do it!

It’s time to get those cars in the shop, get them up on the racks and get ‘em back out on the street. I want you to do it so well that they keep coming back all year for more.

Congrats on a job well done.

Steve Shaw

P.S. Don’t forget the car wash!

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Thanks goes out to Jay Huffschmidt (my crazy Marketing Manager) for the car wash image of Brooke Banx. It was taken last year on my service drive during the filming of Bikini Driving School.