Monday, July 6, 2009

Social Networking and Servicing Cars

In today’s Internet world of twitter, MySpace, facebook, 24 hour news networks our customers want, excuse me, they demand instant gratification. As instant gratification is becoming the normal or the benchmark, how many car dealers are still making appointments for later in the week? How many service departments are making appointments for tomorrow? Does it make sense to tell a customer that they cannot see the car doctor until later on??? If I put my customer hat on right now and I have a problem with my car, guess what, I am headed down to the dealership for repair. I demand that you look at my car now. I am the customer…

Imagine the new way of doing business through social networking…your dealership has a facebook page a twitter account and all of the social networks. You are leading the industry. Your customer needs service so they open up their blackberry and go to the FB icon and post on your wall that they are on the way in. Bamm. Done! Your customer made an appointment for right now. The service advisor comments back immediately and advised he is waiting for them. Upon arrival you already have the pre-write completed and a waiting to perform a perfect walk around on the car.

The customer is expecting this because you have told them in your fan page that is the standard at your dealership. Every car gets a complete walk around and courtesy inspection.

The customer drops off the vehicle and either takes the alternative transportation you provide or facilitates their own ride home. How easy is that? You just saved the customer all the hassle of calling into your dealership. You saved the trouble of a customer navigating your switchboard. You saved the customer time and they utilized a service that was FREE for you. Imagine the win win situation.

Oh but wait, your customers are still on hold.

Steve Shaw,

Next week I talk about ways to utilize twitter in your department.

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